Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance can be hard to navigate for any small to medium business – we can help explain all your options

Corporate governance is the body of rules, regulations, policies and processes in which a corporation is controlled and directed. Governance structures help identify the rights and responsibilities between roles throughout the company such as, board of directors, managers, shareholders, creditors and stakeholders.

A common goal for companies is to design an effective governance structure that is compliant to internal policies and external legislation while allowing the best outcome for the business.

This may include the following areas to be structured:

  • Governance application throughout organization
  • Board composition
  • Board responsibilities and performance effectiveness
  • Director/Manager contribution
  • Company relationship with stakeholders
  • Risk management
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Organisation culture and ethics

Our Oak Accountants can help you create a well-balanced structured corporate governance for your Melbourne business. With expertise in small to medium enterprise, we understand the importance of a simplified process that still ensures your business will have a corporate governance system in place.



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