Our difference

Our mission

Our mission is to be the accountancy experts with a unique difference, to be the central point of contact for all professional services relationships and delivering you optimal tax, profitability and consulting advice.

Our team

Our team work closely with you to uncover your goals and will create a plan to achieve them and coach you along the way, involving any other experts that form part of your goal achievement strategy.

Our vision

Oak Accountants aim to foster client relationships for life, we’re built on trust and being advocates of helping make a difference to our clients’ lives.

This requires a love of working with people, coupled with strong technical ability and an incisive understanding of each client’s individual goals. We strive to always provide an exceptional service.

Our culture

Oak prides itself on having a collaborative, versatile, hard working and innovative culture and we believe this shines through in our customer service. You can expect to receive the utmost professional service, fast response times and a friendly attitude.

We recognise and reward staff frequently to ensure a job well done does not go unnoticed. We train and develop recruits to create a knowledgeable and collaborative environment.

Our advice process

Initial meeting

We take the time to get to know you; to understand your specific financial needs and objectives, challenges and opportunities. Meeting with us gives you the chance to learn about the firm, our people, and what we can offer in an obligation free setting.

Confirmation of goals

By communicating your goals to us, we can identify what you want to prioritise and what is of less importance. We agree on what work to undertake, what it will cost, and how long it may take to complete.

Identify solutions

Using our vast resources and experience we can identify solutions for each area of concern. Then we meet with you again to walk through each recommended solution. Through collaborative discussion we agree upon the right steps to your financial security.

Implementation of solutions

Once we agree on a strategy, we roll up our sleeves and get to work implementing your financial plan. We will guide you through that maze of administration, products, paperwork and compliance – every step of the way.

Ongoing analysis and solutions

After your initial plan is in place, we will monitor the results and analyse your position on a regular ongoing basis. This ensures that you do not miss any future opportunities and your existing strategy remains appropriate and optimal.

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