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Cameron Vallve

Managing Director

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Before establishing Oak Financial Planning in 2008, I worked for a number of leading banks and investment organisations, both in Australia and overseas.

I have been a financial planner for over 10 years and am passionate about helping clients realise their aspirations. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne and am a member of Mensa Australia.

“Like all good advisers, I’m a firm believer in moving clients through a formal process to identify and achieve their targeted goals. But I’m not content to establish a set-and-forget strategy and hope for the best. With a well-resourced team of specialist colleagues to draw from, I have my finger on the pulse of investment opportunities, the economic climate, regulatory change, new product initiatives and potential risks to avoid. I bring energy, passion, and a drive to succeed to my professional relationships, and I take a personal vested interest in the success of those who trust me with the responsibility to be their financial guide.

Strategies such as tactical trading in direct shares and managed funds enable us to take advantage of market opportunities. A competitive market provides opportunities to seek cheaper pricing, better quality and special offers from product providers and intermediaries.

I can tap in to broad and deep network of collegiate professionals for specialist advice as required at any time. I’m a genuine ‘point man’ who can best navigate the complexity and fast-pace of a modern, global financial industry.”


Financial Advice
Strategic integration
Business managment and growth

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  • Cameron Vallve has been providing my family with financial advice for x years and we trust him implicitly. We didn’t have a huge amount of spare cash in the beginning and so didn’t think we needed any “financial advice”, originally we just wanted to better manage our tax! But Cameron has helped us build a clear and flexible wealth strategy to achieve our short and long term goals. Cameron manages everything from our super to our life insurance, income protection, share portfolio, home loan and property investment. His advice is independent, practical, and always includes options so we always feel in control. And year after year, despite economic and market challenges we experience strong financial returns. Cameron has even managed to educate/convert my tradie husband about investing and planning through his practical and simple translation of what can initially seem like complex financial concepts! I have referred him to endless friends, family and professional colleagues who proclaim the same personal and quality service and I would highly recommend Cameron to anyone seeking to build their future – no matter what age, status or life stage.

    - Elissa Fell

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