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Jeremy Douglas

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Jeremy has been in the finance industry for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge from both domestic and international work experience. Jeremy is qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Accounting and Business Law, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and is also a member of AMP Financial Planning.

Jeremy has a strong interest in target budgeting, planning and investments to enable clients to purchase their first home. He also specializes in analyzing insurance needs and strategic implementation, investment management, mortgage and credit facility services and margin loan and debt recycling strategies.

Through his industry experience, Jeremy has developed a professional, yet friendly approach in relating to his clients. Jeremy likes to work personally with each client to ensure their financial goals and desires are quantified, then tailor a ‘roadmap’ to get there based on his clients’ specific personalities, life circumstances and attitudes towards money and risk.

Jeremy strives to ensure peace of mind by providing a plan that is appropriate and achievable for each client centered on their life goals and risk profiles. He also has a strong desire for client empowerment by enabling the client to understand the details of their financial plan with easy to understand terminology.

Jeremy has a highly caring attitude towards his clients, including creating an ongoing professional relationship throughout their journey. This means making it a priority to regularly catch up and track achievements of client’s goals, and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.


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Employer Superannuation
Insurance & risk protection
Margin loans & investments
Residential mortgages and home loans

See what our clients say

“I just Wanted to take time to thank my Oak Financial guy Jeremy Douglas!
In my opinion he went above and beyond to help and sort out a situantion for me. Well it might have been just normal operation for Jeremy, maybe just another day in the office… but for me was literally and actuall a life saver!!

I had hired a lawyer to help with disability claim and boy was that a mistake. Jeremy got an answer to the question of what I was convered for with my insurance through Oak Financial with AMP the same day I asked. My lawyer took SIX WEEKS to get the same answer! Further more what took my lawyer 9 months to get absolutely nowhere Jeremy had the money and back payment in my bank account in TWO WEEKS!! If I had gone to him sooner…!!

But anyway thankyou for what you have done so far and what you will do it the future!”

– Brendan Smith

“As someone who has focused their attention on building their own business over the past decade, superannuation and financial planning is something that has often taken a back seat. Jeremy and the team at Oak financial have been able to identify opportunities and savings whilst simultaneously organising my insurances and business needs. With such a hands-on approach, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

– T. Lawrence

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